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November 9, 2004

The Hardball Times Baseball Annual
by Larry Mahnken

The book is here! We at the Hardball Times have compiled the best articles from this past year and some great new material, and now it's available to sell for $16.75 plus shipping. For those of you who don't have the space for a new book or don't want to spend $16.75, we also offer an e-book for just $6.25, which you can read on your computer.

When we started THT last offseason, we hoped to write a book at season's end or before next spring, and we've actually pulled it off. I'm honored to have worked with such great writers and great guys.

All of you who love my site and The Hardball Times will greatly enjoy this book, and I'm sure every baseball fan friend of yours will love it, too, so spread the word. You can only buy it here right now, we don't know yet if we'll be selling it in bookstores.

So grab a copy today, and I'll be back in a couple of days with commentary on Derek Jeter's magic hands, the false hope that Mel Stottlemyre gave us for a few days, and what the Yankees are gonna do this offseason -- and what I think they should do. This is the most important offseason for the Yankees in decades, and while I think that no matter what moves they make this offseason they have a spectacular chance to win the AL East and World Series next season, the choices they make as to which players to accquire, for how much and for how long will go a long way towards determining if 2005 will be just another year in the great run, or the last hurrah.

But most importantly, buy my book! Buy my book! Buy it for yourself, buy it for your family, buy it for your friends. Buy it for homeless people, for stray dogs, and your invisible friend who is probably really bored since you stopped believing in him when you were eight. And then buy another copy. Buy one for each room in your house, so you never have to be more than a few feet from a copy. Build a shrine unto it and worship it as your new God. Tear out the pages and paste them on the wall to find hidden messages for the communist spies like Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind. Take it out to the bar to pick up women and settle bar trivia, such as "What's the tenth word on page 117 of The Hardball Times Annual?" (answer: instance). Set it on fire to see if it burns! See if it'll stop a bullet! Leave it on the train tracks to see if it'll get squashed, or derail the engine, killing and injuring hundreds and spilling toxic waste that will make your neighborhood uninhabitable for decades! There's literally hundreds of ways to misuse this book! But to do it, you have to buy it...