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October 17, 2004

Suzyn Waldman is a Moron
by Larry Mahnken

On the postgame show:
Well, okay, because, one, right now they're talking about the intentional walk to Posada, which evidently supposedly was filtered down by the Bill James book, the intentional walk to Posada and then pitching to Sierra because THE BOOK says that Posada has a better record against Wakefield than does Sierra. However, that negates the fact that obviously they haven't been watching Posada in this series.
Yeah, Bill James advocates intentional walks ALL the time.

You stupid moron, you have no idea what you're talking about. You're so afraid of the possibility that someone might POSSIBLY know more than you that you mock them for a decision that THEY WOULD OPPOSE.

Intentional walks are STUPID. Just like sac bunts, there are times when they are the right decision, but they are few and far between. Giving a team a free baserunner when you're down by three runs, and there's two outs, is always a stupid move. The book doesn't say walk Posada, the book says pitch to Posada. The book says pitch to Sierra. The book says if you can't get guys out, you're not going to be any better off by not getting guys out and putting more guys on base.

Read Bill James just once, don't guess what it's about becuase you skimmed Moneyball, or because you see some stat line that says Ruben Sierra is 1 for 13 against Wakefield. 13 at-bats??? You SERIOUSLY think that Bill James advocates making a tactical decision on 13 fucking at-bats?

Well, at least Joe Torre would never do something that stupid.

Just shut up and ask your softball questions, and stop talking about things you don't know about.