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October 21, 2004

How does this affect the rivalry?
by TVerik

I really don't want to post and boot SG's nicely worded entry off the top. Please don't forget to scroll down after my post and read his - it's a better read than mine. (I changed the post time and moved this below SG's - Larry)

Yankee fans, save this feeling. Nurture it. Only lows like this make the dizzying highs worth it. The 1996 World Series wouldn't have been anywhere near as wonderful if they didn't lose the first two games easily. And it wouldn't have been as meaningful if they didn't lose excruciatingly in Game 5 in 1995.

Why am I bringing up old history, particularly when I could be writing about the Red Sox right now, or the failings of the 2004 Yankees, or expressing my frustration? Because this result will make the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry all the stronger. Instead of Beantown being the Washington Generals, they now have a track history of beating their neighbors when it counts. The 19 clashes next year, plus the possible postseason matchup (we can only hope) will be more meaningful, more suspenseful, and could even be better than this year and last year. No longer will the Yankees have everything to lose while the Sox have everything to gain.

Finally, I can't take that high road. Color me an NL fan for the next two weeks.