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October 14, 2004

Father Knows Best
by Larry Mahnken

Two days ago it seemed the Yankees' task was to avoid heading to Boston 0-2, now they've got a chance to put the Red Sox away quickly.

I don't think they will. Boston's lineup hasn't shut itself down like they arguably did in last year's ALCS, they've been dominated by great pitching. If the Yankees slip just a little bit Boston is ready to pound them. They need a strong start by Brown on Friday night to get a real stranglehold on this series.

But that's just me being realistic. There's no reason to not feel estatic about things right now, so far things have gone New York's favor, they've beaten the two best starters Boston has, and might not have to face Schilling again -- and certainly not twice more.

Rivera last night was outstanding. He seemed a little off on Tuesday night, but from the moment I saw his first pitch last night -- a cutter that missed just inside -- I knew that he was going to be okay.

This has been a tremendously entertaining series so far, though very hard on the nerves. I definitely need this off day.

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