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October 19, 2004

Fair Play
by Larry Mahnken

According to ESPN Radio this morning, the Yankees are allegedly planning to bunt, over and over again, in an effort to make the hobbled Curt Schilling field balls on wet grass, and cover first.

With Schilling's ankle already tenuous at best (he'll be wearing a special sneaker-boot designed to keep his tendon from snapping against bone), this is a devious plan worthy of Snidely Whiplash, Darth Vader, or name your favorite villain.

Evil empire, indeed.

When you are relying on your opponent to get hurt, you must be getting desperate.

Does this idea make New York fans proud? (It's more worthy of Ed Hillel, the "objective Yankee fan" in the stands near the right field pole in Yankee Stadium, who lied through his teeth on national television by claiming Todd Walker's home run was foul -- despite replays showing the exact opposite.)

Just because the Spankees have been rocked and shocked for two games by the resurgent Ortiz, Foulke & Co. is no excuse to promote injuries.

It's just unsportsmanlike, from a team which is always claiming it has more "class" than others.

Puh-lease. Is it unsportsmanlike to take pitches from pitcher who is wild? It is unsportsmanlike to run on a pitcher who is slow to the plate, or a catcher who can't throw well? If Schilling can't field a bunt, or if doing so could force him out of the game, the Yankees shouldn't be afraid, or attacked, for bunting.

This comment by the Columbia-Union is, in fact, exactly the type of myopic ignorance practiced by Ed Hillel that the author derisively compares the Yankees' possible strategy to.

Thanks to David Pinto for this link.