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October 4, 2004

ALDS Roster
by SG

This is based on what WFAN is reporting, which was not complete, so I may have to update it.

Catchers(2): Posada, Flaherty
Infielders(6): Olerud, Clark, Cairo, Jeter, Rodriguez, Wilson
Outfielders(6): Sheffield, Matsui, Lofton, Bernie, Sierra, Crosby

Starting Pitchers(4): Mussina, El Duque, Lieber, Vazquez
Relievers(7): Brown, Sturtze, The Run Fairy™, Quantrill, Gordon, Rivera, Loaiza

Projected Game 1 lineup
SS Jeter
3B Rodriguez
RF Sheffield
CF Bernie
C Posada
LF Matsui
DH Sierra
1B Olerud
2B Cairo

If Giambi's not right, I don't have a huge problem with him being left off the roster. I do have a huge problem with PP™/TTAS™(aka Loaiza) on there instead. I'd rather see Halsey, who has shown some ability and would be unfamiliar to the Twins, plus would give another lefty option. Basically, if Loaiza has to pitch, the game is already a loss, so he shouldn't hurt the team, but there's no possible way he helps that I can see.