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September 1, 2004

Nightmare Scenario
by Larry Mahnken

What do you say about a 22-0 loss?

Well, you can say it counts the same as a 1-0 loss. You can say it's less frustrating than a 22-21 loss. Um, nobody died.

Not much else positive to say.

You can say that while Boston's win cuts the division lead down to 3½, it keeps the lead for a playoff berth at 6 games, and that matters more. And hey, they are still in first place. It's not like they've fallen out of contention, they're the leaders.

But it's impossible to deny that this is bad, that this is forboding. It's tough to face this, that's why George Steinbrenner refused comment, and Derek Jeter ran off before the reporters came in. What do you say about a 22-0 loss?

All the Yankees can do is come out to win tomorrow, and win.

Last season, after the Yankees got no-hit by the Astros, they immediately turned around and won five straight and 18 of 20. After letting the Red Sox gain 6 games in 17 days and get within 1½ games, they went 17-5 down the stretch and tacked 4½ games onto the final standings. Even horrible, humiliating losses and terrible stretches can be come back from. The sky hasn't fallen.

But it is raining.