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September 14, 2004

by Larry Mahnken

It's simply frustrating to watch a game like that, one that you not only going in that they should have won, but by actually watching it, they should have won. They got Brian Anderson in trouble again and again early, but couldn't make him suffer for it by getting the big hit. Halsey struggled again, and when Joe Torre tried to get Tanyon Sturtze to vulture one more win, it just wasn't there for him. Before you knew it, the game was out of reach, and the Yankees just stopped trying.

For what it's worth, this doesn't have any meaning other than a loss, because the players who lost this game (the pitchers), aren't going to play an important role in the postseason, and are not likely to even make the roster. It would take a major disaster of historic proportions for the Yanks to miss the postseason, so it's just a game. It's just a loss. Yippee.

But the Yankees now need to win the next two games, they can't head back to New York Friday to face the Red Sox having lost a series to the Royals, they have to come in strong.

On the bright side, Derek Jeter's batting average is back up to .285, his OPS is up to .804, both of which are respectable numbers for a shortstop. Stick his improved defense into the mix, and he's having a year that's not that much worse than his previous seasons.

And since May 25th, when his line was .189/.249/.279/.528? He's batting .332/.392/.545/.937. Hey, if he keeps doing that in October, then we might have a shortstop worth keeping around for a while.