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August 6, 2004

by Larry Mahnken

Wins and losses aren't that crucial at this point, if the Yankees were to play .500 the rest of the way, it's still unlikely that Boston would catch them. The important thing is that they start getting good omens for October. And that's just what they got yesterday afternoon.

Kevin Brown was absolutely fantastic, giving up no runs and four hits, only one for extra bases. He struck out seven in eight innings, and was every bit the ace the Yankees expected him to be, and now need him to be. As a bonus, he gave the bullpen the day off, more or less, though Quantrill came in to get some much needed work.

If Brown is an ace pitcher, and Vazquez is the solid starter he's been, the Yankees' chances of putting together a good postseason rotation are looking better.

John Olerud got three hits in his second game in da Bronx, which I guess is more likely to increase expectations more than anything.

It's 3am, I just spent the evening writing a new article for THT (yeah, I know, a rarity for me). I'm getting to bed, cause I've gotta work.

Speaking of which, I just want to pass along a funny story. Last Sunday a woman (a mannish-looking woman) went nuts in the front of the store. She smashed a watermelon, threw a cart through the glass sliding doors, and tackled and bit a manager. Afterwards, my buddy Mike asked what set her off, I said, "I think somebody dropped a fork."