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August 16, 2004

Roadside Photos
by Larry Mahnken

When Doug Pappas passed away in May, knowing that his website would disappear as soon as the server bills came past due, Greg Tamer downloaded Doug's entire site, and has now uploaded it on his server.

SABR is planning to upload Doug's archives on their site, but for now, all of Doug's site, including the photo side of it, are available at this location.

If you've never read Doug Pappas' writings on the Business of Baseball, I encourage you to do so now, you will be a smarter fan for it. Thanks to Greg.

And thank you, Doug. We miss you terribly.

* * *

I hope you're enjoying the contributions of SG and sjohnny. A couple more Yankee fans will be contributing also, I expect you will enjoy them too.