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June 17, 2004

by Larry Mahnken

Tanyon Sturtze was adequate last night, nothing more. He only gave up 3 runs in six innings, only six hits, only two walks--but that was against a weak-hitting Diamondbacks team, and he would have given up a lot more against a superior squad.

As it was, he got himself into trouble. He loaded the bases in the first after getting a 4-0 lead, gave up 3 runs in the third with a 5-0 lead. If not for the Arizona defense, and some good luck, the Yankees might have lost. But they didn't, and they won a game they probably shouldn't have expected to (not that they should have expected to lose).

Boston lost again--the third time in their last four--and the Yanks are now 5½ up, which passes from the category of "lead" to "breathing room". The Yankees have been ten games better than Boston since "The Sweep", in less than two months. But it's not Boston's doing--they've been a solid 25-21 since then, it's the Yankees who have earned their standing, going an incredible 34-10, and having faced some very good competition along the way. Injuries are starting to catch up with the Yanks, but the schedule is getting easier, their lineup is red-hot, and Boston's schedule gets tougher as they get healthy--and Gehrig38 might be going on the DL (well, at least it'll give him time to chat).

I've gotta go to work now--the Yanks go for another sweep tonight at 9:30. These late games suck, but at least I get to see them.