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June 21, 2004

by Larry Mahnken

Right from the start: yes, it was a ball. So was the pitch to Alex Rodriguez. They weren't just bad calls, they were obviously bad, indefensible calls, and the umpire should be ashamed of himself.

But if you want to believe that's why the Yankees lost last night, you're wrong. They lost because they only managed five hits off of Jose Lima, because Jose Contreras had a Jose Contreras inning in the second, and Hideki Matsui tried to do way too much in the seventh. Eric Gagne didn't need the help he got, but they also only got one hit off of him with four of the game's best hitters up, they didn't deserve to win.

Yeah, it's a crappy loss, but let it go. They've gotten plenty of breaks and bad calls in their favor in the past, including a few that helped them on the way to a World Title or Twenty-Six.

Boston lost anyway, so they didn't lose any of their lead--though it would have been nice to be 5½ up again, 4½ is plenty nice.

Some good things to come out of the weekend: the start by Halsey, the offensive breakout Sunday by Giambi and Matsui, a homer by Miguel Cairo to hopefully shovel a little dirt on top of Enrique Wilson. I'm somewhat ambiguous about trading The Porn Star, especially with The Run Fairy™ left as the only lefty, but White made a good point: the Yankees didn't really need him--Quantrill, Gordon and Rivera can all get out lefties, so he was only going to pitch when the game was out of hand, or in a crucial situation early on. Those would be far and few between, so of course he'd be ineffective. I guess Steve Karsay would be better for that role--he could probably use time off between outings.

Next up, the last place Orioles. Moose comes back after missing only one start, so the Yanks kinda dodged a bullet there. In fact, having won both the start by Sturtze and the one by Halsey, the bullet missed them completely. Man, Boston can't catch a break.