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June 25, 2004

by Larry Mahnken

It was pointed out early this season that I "conveniently" missed some Yankee losses with the blog--yeah, it was convenient, but sometimes that's just how it happens. I'm sometimes unable to write something about the game because of my work schedule, and it's also tougher to get up for writing about a loss than it is for a win.

Last night's win, for instance, while a solid one, and another comeback, seemed sort of pedestrian, and closer than it should have been. Yeah, I'm a spoiled Yankee fan, but they just haven't played that great in the past week, and it's their overwhelming talent that's allowed them to be 3-4 in that stretch.

They go into the weekend facing a Mets team that isn't extremely talented, but is hovering around .500, and right in the thick of the pennant race. You know they'll be up for this series against the Yanks, we can only hope the Yankees are just as ready. With Halsey, Contreras and Mussina slated to go, and Sheffield still not back through Thursday's game, the Yanks certainly won't be putting their best squad on the field--nor are they likely to be facing Boston and their best, either. Of course, with the Sox now six out in the loss column, they're likely to be in first place on July 2nd no matter how things turn out, but who's in first on July 2nd doesn't matter that much.

While it's not directly related to the Bombers, Carlos Beltran got traded to the Astros last night, ending speculation about him coming to New York this year--unless the Astros have a horrid July, that is. While Beltran would have been an excellent addition to a team that could use a strong defensive centerfielder (and his bat wouldn't hurt), the price for him would likely have been too high.

Now, Houston only gave up a relief pitcher, and Oakland gave up three prospects, but the Yankees are going to need the prospects they would have had to trade down the line--either to fill holes in the roster, or more likely, serve as trade bait for deals the Yankees actually need to make.

The most positive outcome of this deal is that Beltran stays out of Boston without the Yankees getting involved--and while another outfielder isn't at the top of Boston's list of needs, either, Beltran would have improved their outfield defense considerably by shifting Manny to DH, and their lineup, too. The Yanks lead by 5½, but that don't mean jack in the ALCS, if they meet up there. Keeping Beltran away from Boston keeps that potential series from getting any tougher, and also allows the Yankees to forget about making that deal, and focus on a second baseman or rotation depth.

Fans of other teams look at this issue and think, "those spoiled Yankee fans, they think they're entitled to have ALL the best players!". Well, that's bullshit. The Yankees are no more entitled to have the best players than any other team, they're just more capable of accquiring them. But every fan wants all the best players on their team, and they're not going to say, "well, we have enough good players now, we don't need another", if their team was built like New York's. They're holding Yankee fans to an unreasonable standard. We're spoiled, but that doesn't mean we're any more selfish than other fans.

Well, some of us aren't, at least.