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May 6, 2004

by Larry Mahnken

Pardon me for sounding like an asshole...

I'm suddenly very confident in this team. Not to the point where I'm arrogant enough to think "No team can stop them!", or to the point where I'm shaken by every loss . It's at that perfect level, where I think that they'll win before the game, that they'll come back if they fall behind, and if they lose, that they'll just win tomorrow. It gives me maximum enjoyment of the game.

It's certainly a product of the eight-game winning streak and the late-inning comebacks. and a losing streak could destroy that faith, but it's the feeling that every baseball fan wants to have.

Anyway, last night the Yankees came back on the A's again. Trailing 2-1 in the sixth, they tied it with a Giambi homer, and trailing 3-2 in the ninth, they tied it with a leadoff homer by Alex Rodriguez. They kept it going and pushed across the go-ahead run, and held on to win in the bottom of the ninth. It wasn't as dramatic as Tuesday's win, but it was still pretty great.

With Boston's win, the Yankees are still tied for first, but now that the Yankees have made up the 4? game deficit, we can lay off of the scoreboard watching for a while. Not that I wouldn't mind leading the division, but it doesn't really matter right now.

* * *

Jose Contreras got sent down to A-ball yesterday, where he can work with Billy Connors and try to fix his pitching. The Yankees did the same thing with Contreras last season (after Torre told him he was going to Columbus--remember that controversy?), and he pitched pretty well after coming back before getting hurt. It's a pretty good idea, Connors can give Contreras more attention and figure out what's wrong with him. The bad news from this is that the Yankees have to rely on Donovan Osborne to pitch effectively, and while he's done well enough out of the bullpen, expecting him to keep that up is hoping for quite a bit.

Anyway, last night's game was late, and I'm tired. That's all for today.