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April 29, 2004

by Larry Mahnken

Over the past couple of seasons, I've learned to tune out Michael Kay when watching the Yankees games, allowing me to enjoy the team without going totally insane. Unfortunately, it's getting to the point where Jim Kaat is becoming even more unbearable. It seems like every game he goes off on a Moneyball rant, each time demonstrating total ignorance of what sabermetrics is about, and how the A's, Red Sox, Blue Jays and Dodgers utilize statistical analysis.

Last night's lowlight was his claim that Juan Pierre might have been the MVP of last year's World Series. Not Josh Beckett or Brad Penny, and not because he got on base at a .481 clip, but because he did the little things. Apparently, it's the little things, and not home runs, that win postseason games. As I was just telling Alex Gonzalez.

But enough about Kitty, let's talk about the Bombers, who look to be out of their slide. 5 runs isn't an explosion, but with four of them off of Mark Mulder and the other off of Arthur Rhodes, it's pretty good. Jeter's still hitless, but here's an old story about Jeter that'll make you feel good about him, anyway.

Jose Contreras wasn't great, but was pretty good. He struggled with his control at times, but got the job done, and only gave up one run on Crosby's homer. He's still got some work to do before we can stop worrying about him, but last night was a positive first step.

This is why I love baseball--a couple of days ago, I could hardly contain my rage, and many of my fellow fans were entering panic mode. Now, I'm not ready to see the team take on the Red Sox just yet, but I'm feeling pretty damn good about things again.