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April 28, 2004

Great Win
by Larry Mahnken

Okay, it's late, so I'm not going to write very much. The Yankees had a great, great win against the A's last night, coming back from a 4-run deficit in the eigth inning.

The positives of the win only go so far. Bernie Williams was absolutely horrible in center last night, though his problem was one of range, not looking bad. Kaat and Singleton noticed, but I think most fans think it's more a problem that's he's not what he once was, not that he's bad.

Mike Mussina was bad again, and it's time to worry. His velocity's down, his control is off, he's getting hit hard. He needs a great start ASAP.

The rally was great, but was a weak one, without many hard hits. In and of itself, it doesn't demonstrate that the Yankees are ready to break out--they scored 7 runs in the first against the White Sox a week ago and that didn't help at all--but the emotion of this win might take some of the pressure off of the slumping players, and maybe they'll hit better.

I wrote a really long article (almost 4000 words) for The Hardball Times yesterday about the Yankees' woes. It's the first thing I've written in several weeks that I'm really completely satisfied with, but don't be afraid to criticize it. Especially the puns. If you do like them, I'll point out that most of them came from Baseball Primer's sjohnny. If you don't like them, then I came up with all of them. But anyway, thanks to John for his help on those puns, and don't accuse him of plagiarism if he uses any of them in a Clutch Hit or something.