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April 1, 2004

Fifteen minutes at the library's computer...
by Larry Mahnken

Thanks for all of the support guys. Alex Belth will be filling in for me in the next Rivals in Exile column, and probably do so much better that I'll get fired! ;-)

Reason 1,343,434,536 that I have the best Dad in the world, he loaned me $300 to pay my bills and get back online, which hopefully will be effected as early as next week. Sure, they'll say that's what parents are supposed to do, but I didn't ask and wasn't going to, and he did it anyway. Thanks, Dad.

On the downside, I got sick and had to miss work today, so that's another fifty bucks down the drain. Some luck I have, eh?

But on the subject of the Yankees (and getting up at 5am couldn't have helped me with the sick part). They looked really really good on Wednesday. I've really been holding back on this, but after a line drive hit, a home run and a deep fly to center, doesn't Hideki Matsui look good so far? He looks like he's uppercutting more on the ball, which had such spectacular results last June, and he had a very good spring. It's early, it could have just been the pitching, but I think Matsui might be in for a very very good season.

Kevin Brown looked incredible, especially with the efficiency of his pitching. He wasn't hurt by Jeter, though he did give up a couple of hits that might have been out pitching in front of the Dodgers' defense. But then, he wouldn't have gotten 12 runs out of the Dodgers' offense in three combined starts, so I'm sure he's more than happy with it.

I liked how Kay and Singleton kept pulling out the cliche that a win in the second game makes the flight home seem a whole lot shorter, and a loss makes it seem a lot longer. That might be true on a normal flight, but I'm guessing that a 19 hour flight feels pretty much the same whether you win or lose.

So the Yankees' magic number is 162 now. When I get back, I'll fix that Opening Day counter on the sidebar and add a magic number counter, because it's never too early to get arrogantly overconfident.