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March 14, 2004

Larry the Sell-Out
by Larry Mahnken

First things first: You may have noticed that where there once was a wholly pointless "logo" for my site on the sidebar, there's now this:

Why is this up there? Well, 'cause my sister is a big fan of the show (I've never seen it), and it's getting cancelled. So, she's asked me to put up this link on my site to add a little exposure to the "cause". I'll let her take over here:
in a world over filled with horrid so-called "reality" shows and unfunny sitcoms, Angel shines. It is imaginative, well thought-out and written, and more intelligent then many may think. I think the reason many may not take it seriously is because of it's premise, a vampire with a soul battling evil. I know, because at one time that's exactly what I thought. Then my best friend asked me to tape the show for her when she lost her cable connection two years ago. That's when I started watching, and by the second week, I was hooked. I then had to go back and start watching previous seasons.

I also think they may have lost some previously loyal viewers because last season was not up to par and led to killing off a popular character, angering many viewers. These viewers didn't return to see how much the writing has gotten back on track and improved this season, which I think resulted in the drop in ratings. WB's lack of support in advertising
didn't help either. If they advertised this show even half as much as they advertise "Smallville" and "Gilmore Girls" those ratings would most likely go up.

In short, if I had the money to do it, I'd pay to produce this show myself. In fact, if this show got moved to a pay station, like HBO, I'd subscribe to the station. That's just how great it is!! PLEASE HELP US SAVE IT!!! The world needs less unrealistic reality shows, and more imaginative, creative shows like Angel.
So, if you're a fan of Angel, on behalf of my sister, visit, and make a donation. This has been a paid advertisement.

Since I'm pimping for my sister, I've decided to also pimp for a friend. My buddy Cægn has a blog with a friend of his, Arcægnic Design. It's pretty random, but the Thought of the Day is usually pretty funny, IMO. Check it out.

Another friend of mine, Kosko, was running a blog Violetdrink. He hasn't updated in a long while, but if you like what he's been saying, leave a comment here and I'll direct him to them, and maybe he'll start up again. He's really a very good writer, and I'm hoping that he can use his blog to get some exposure.

As for those of you asking to be added to my blogroll, I'll get around to it this week: sorry for the delay. I've set up a new list for "Buddies", which will include the two above blogs. If you're a regular around here, and have a homepage, I'll add that, too.

A couple of weeks back, SG suggested we start a fantasy league, so I've done so. It's a 20-team league, 10-category standard roto rules with 2 catchers, 1 of each IF position, a CI, MI, one of each OF position and an OF, Util, 2 SP, 2 RP, 3 other pitchers, 5-man bench and 5-man DL. We will draft from both leagues, which will keep the rosters somewhat deep, but not too deep.

Rather than post the league ID and password, I'll just ask you to express interest in the comments, that way I have some control over who's in the league. If there's enough interest, I'll start another league. But I want to make sure that a few people who I want in the league will be in it if they're interested.

Some rules if you want to join:
- You HAVE to be serious. If you're in last place in July, it's okay if you stop messing with your team, but if you're getting offered trades, don't let them just sit there: accept them or reject them. And DON'T MAKE DUMP TRADES. I'll reject them.
- This isn't a democracy, I'm the czar. Trades don't go up for vote, I approve or reject them (which has the bonus of speeding up the process). If there's a trade involving me, I'll ask if there's any objections, and I won't exploit my power. But when things go democratic in these leagues, it usually creates more problems than it solves.
- This will be a live draft. It will be at a time that's convenient for me, which means anytime between 10pm EST Sunday to Wednesday night. I've scheduled the draft for 3:30pm on Monday the 29th, so it's before the season, but more or less after Spring Training. THIS ALMOST CERTAINLY WILL BE RESCHEDULED, but it will be in those times that I have said are convenient for me. In expressing interest, let us know what times you will be available for a draft, so that we can have a league with all 20 people drafting live.

So, tell us if you're interested, and I'll email you an invite if I pick you. Don't worry how many people are interested, I can always set up more leagues.

Oh yeah, one last thing: there will be a MAJOR announcement here tomorrow. Stay tuned.