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March 30, 2004

Baseball in Bed
by Larry Mahnken

They lost, but it felt great to see baseball being played in earnest again. Even if it was 5am. I tried to pull an all-nighter, but I didn't have it in me, and I dozed off about 2:30, before being woken up by my alarm 2 hours later.

It was great to finally see the team we've been speculating about for the past few months finally take the field. We know that the improvement of Rodriguez over Soriano isn't that huge, but just seeing Alex Freaking Rodriguez in pinstripes was awesome. Seeing him cut in front of Jeter on the slow roller to short was even more awesome: there's the solution, have A-Rod play both third AND shortstop!

It certainly was a game worth watching, even if the outcome wasn't what we wanted. Jason Giambi pretty much erased any of my doubts about his power with an opposite field Home Run in the first and a long double off the center field wall later on, and even though he looks much slimmer, it really does seem that a lot of that weight was in his belly. If he stopped taking steroids this offseason, he must have compenstated pretty well for it.

The bottom of the lineup looked pretty pathetic, mostly because it is. Ruben Sierra and Enrique Wilson is a huge dropoff from Jorge Posada. Gary Sheffield looked lost in the outfield, and had about the weakest hard-hit double you'll ever see, and has done nothing to erase the impression that the Yankees should have gone after Guerrero. But they still did okay for themselves.

It was a loss, but it was worth waking up at 4:30am to see it. Baseball's back.

* * *

I, on the other hand, am not. I've recently had a problem with my bank, stemming from the fact that they charged me $300 in fees. And no, I can't get it back. So, my internet has been turned off, my cable is on basic, and my kitchen is on "Ramen". Until I'm back on my feet, I won't be online very much, since my only access point is the library, and I'm usually working during their hours. No blog, no THT, no Game Chatter.

You probably won't notice any difference: I ran out of things to talk about during the offseason, so going a couple of weeks into the season without any writing probably isn't going to be any different. I'm sorry, you've all been very supportive of me, but in my financial circumstances, you'll always have to come second. But I do thank you for the support.

Sign up for the mailing list, or add the RSS feed to your reader, and you'll know when I'm back. For now, updates will be, at best, sporadic, but you can rest assured, as long as the Yankees are wasting scoring opportunities and losing games to the Devil Rays, no chair in Western New York is safe.