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December 8, 2003

Yankee Arbitration Offers
by Larry Mahnken

Thanks to NTNGod at Baseball Primer for making these updates, the Yankees have offered arbitration to:

Andy Pettitte (Duh)
David Wells (Who has already said he would decline arbitration, and will likely re-sign with the Yankees)
Gabe White (Who the Yankees want back, and are likely to re-sign)
John Flaherty (The key to the 2003 AL Pennant)

They have declined to offer arbitration to:
Roger Clemens (Why the heck not? I mean, he's retiring, but he might change his mind next spring. Might as well take the pick)
Jeff Nelson (YES!)
Antonio Osuna (No surprise here, he didn't do anything in the second half. There wouldn't be room for him anyway)

And they've re-signed Ruben Sierra to a 1-year $1 MM deal. Curious, since he can't pinch-hit for Nick Johnson anymore (Gollum, gollum). I'd say this is an okay re-sign.

Basically, unless they lose Pettitte (which I think is highly unlikely), they're not going to get any draft picks from anybody, and they've given up several high picks signing Type-A free agents. Yeah, it all makes them better than they would have been, but... that farm system is going to stay pretty crappy.