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December 25, 2003

by Larry Mahnken

Hi everyone, Happy Xmas. What did you get? I got the flu.

Okay, I actually got the flu sometime last week, but I've been ill all week, and I've been more or less bedridden, and missed more work than I can afford, not to mention blogging. Blogging's hard enough in the offseason, trying to write something about the Yankees rather than, well, this. I'm not very clearheaded still, so I can't really say anything about baseball, but I'd like to let you all know that I'm relatively okay.

So, have a Happy Xmas everybody, and I hope you got everything you wanted. Although I know you Red Sox fans didn't. Which pleases me very much.

I'll be back, well, eventually, I hope. But, the flu did kill 40 million people in the early 20th century, so let's not count our chickens yet.