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October 2, 2003

by Larry Mahnken

Only a couple of quick comments today, because I was up too late and I have to work soon.

- The Yankees' losses the past two seasons in the playoffs were frustrating, maybe even embarassing, but they lost to great teams--they lost to the teams that won the World Series. The Twins are not going to win the World Series. They're a good team, but they're not nearly as good as the Yankees. If the Yankees lose this series, it will be because they played poorly, not just because the Twins played well. They have to win.

- Rob Neyer wrote yesterday that the Twins are now the favorites, because it's going to be really tough for the Yankees to win 3 of 4 from Minnesota. Those would be the Yankees that won 13 straight against the Twins, right? Easy? No. But I think it's at least as likely to happen as the Twins splitting the next two. Didn't almost everyone predict that the Yankees would win 3 of 4 in the first place?

- Are the A's now the favorites, Rob?

- Why is Todd Walker batting 3rd?

- Oh, that's why.

- Can't Terrence Long do anything?

- Why the hell was that game at 10:00? Couldn't they move the Cubs/Braves game to 1:00? It's not like Cubs fans can't handle afternoon games. Instead, we had to stay up until nearly 3:00am to see perhaps the best postseason game this year. Go MLB.

- BTW, that's a great reason to root for the Cubbies to make the World Series. Day games. Think MLB might make them play in U.S. Cellular?

- Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat idiot

- I bet there's a lot of bleary eyes in Boston. The worst part of that loss, though, was that you've got to hear all of that "Curse" talk. Because losing like that's not enough.

- Rich Harden really deserved that win, didn't he? John Smoltz, too.

- Anyone else think, "Rick Ankiel" for a second? Nah, the A's would never let that happen.

- Gotta go to work.