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September 29, 2003 Best Sports Blogs
by Larry Mahnken

This is a fantastic honor, although I don't consider myself to be the best baseball blog, let alone the fifth best sports blog. For all of those who have been directed here by this, I highly recommend that you check out these great baseball blogs:

Aaron's Baseball Blog
Baseball Primer's Clutch Hits
Doug Pappas's Business of Baseball Weblog
Bronx Banter
Futility Infielder
David Pinto's Baseball Musings
Mike's Baseball Rants
Universal Baseball Blog, Inc.
Bambino's Curse
Portland Sox Fan
The Cub Reporter

Every single one of these sites is just as good, and most are better than mine, at least in my opinion. Everyone should find something enjoyable somewhere there.

And while you're at it, check out my buddy Kosko's "once a month" weblog Violetdrink, if only to make him wonder how the hell his traffic went from "1" to "200" and back to "1". ;-)