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July 9, 2003

by Larry Mahnken | Providence | Red Sox | Art's Notebook
Pinto recently discovered -- and, thus, so did I -- a great Yankee blog: Larry Mahnken's Replacement Level Yankee Weblog. Mahnken writes well, and he is absolutely not your garden-variety, "1918!" "Bucky Dent!" "Bill Buckner!" Yankee fan....

...He's a serious fan, in other words -- an analyst --- and his is a welcome voice in our corner of the baseball world . . . especially since I've met so few Yankee fans who are either serious or analytical. Glad I met you, Larry. I'll be checking in often.
Thanks so much, Art! I have my biases, of course, but I do try to be objective, even though my friends think I'm way too negative and critical of a team that is, after all, in first place.

As for 1918, Buckner, etc., I save that kind of thing for the Red Sox fans who are aggressively arrogant, because it pretty much trumps everything they have to say about the Yankees. The Red Sox fans who read my site and those I encounter on Primer are, for the most part, a bit more intelligent than the guys who feel the need to chant "Yankees Suck!" at the Patriots victory parade.

Thanks to SG.