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July 16, 2003

by Larry Mahnken

And it's official.

As I said, this trade probably won't blow up in the Yankees' face, and it has the potential to work out great.

Meanwhile, in what is a more likely reaction for typical Yankees fans, had this to say:
Could Armando help the team now -- this season? Yes, he probably can. But how much will he help the Yankees down the road? And who will Jason Anderson be playing, and probably doing very well, for?

Mike Lowell. Eric Milton. Hell, I'll even throw Ted Lilly in there. Let's not put Jason Anderson on that list of prospects the Yanks have given up in return for guys who aren't playing anymore or who really aren't that good. Please. I beg of thee. Don't do it.
You misspelled "possibly". Jason Anderson is a relief pitcher. He has talent, and could end up being a very good relief pitcher, but he's still a relief pitcher, and unless he becomes Mariano Rivera, they won't have to regret dealing him.

Trading Mike Lowell was a bad move, but one that seemed to have value at the time. Trading Ted Lilly was not a bad move, but including John-Ford Griffin and Jason Arnold in the deal was. Trading Eric Milton, Cristian Guzman and Brian Buchanan for Chuck Knoblauch was a good move on the basis of his 1998 season alone.

If they had traded Brandon Claussen, I would have been upset. If they had traded Nick Johnson, I would have strapped a bomb to myself. They traded Jason Anderson and two A ball players who have a decent chance of being AAA players for Armando Benitez and the two first round draft picks they'll get when he leaves as a free agent. I'm not going to cry about it.