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June 8, 2003

by Larry Mahnken

Are you the biggest idiot ever?Today, for the first time this year, the Yankees didn't give up. Unfortunately, Charles Gipson apprently didn't pay attention during orientation, and forgot that a huge part of his job is to not get picked off. I'm guessing he gets to sit next to Acevedo on the flight home.

The Yankees went 4-5 on this road trip, but if they had played good baseball--not great baseball, just good--they would have gone 9-0. Woulda coulda shoulda, didn't. But they're still only ½ game out of first, and if they can they can get through this week still within 1½, I think things are looking good for them to be in first when Bernie and Nick come back. Assuming they stop giving the ball to Acevedo in crucial situations, that is.

Captain Fansucktic came out again tonight in a 6-3 game, and left it an 8-3 game. Was it all his fault? No, the Yankees' defense helped. But in the end, the Yankees lost 8-7, and Juan Acevedo did much to lose the game, and again, he wasn't given a loss.

To be fair, if Andy Pettitte had merely pitched poorly, the Yankees would have won this game. Instead, he was downright Acevedish, putting the Yankees in a deep hole in the first inning. On second thought, if the game had been close, perhaps Baker would have abused Prior some more, and the Yankees wouldn't have scored those last four runs. Still, Pettitte pitched like crap, and the Yankees should be preparing to cut ties with him this offseason. Trading Brandon Claussen would not be a good way to do that.