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June 13, 2003

by Larry Mahnken

That's just great. I have the single highest traffic day yet for my site, and I'm unable to update it. I'm still unable to get online at home (I'm at the public library...whee.). So, I don't know when I'll be updating next. How frustrating.

I was impressed with how the Yankees bounced back yesterday afternoon from getting no-hit, coming back in the late innings for the first time this year, against one of the top bullpens in the majors (and beating perhaps the best reliever, Octavio Dotel). Godzilla was right back into the swing of things with a couple of hits, and got a birthday present error from Jeff Bagwell that led to his scoring the winning run. Of course, had he not pulled a boner in the first, soft tossing to Jeter rather than throwing home, the Yankees might have taken the lead before that point. But let's not be picky, Matsui has been hitting the ball well for a week now.

The no-hitter was perhaps the ultimate wake-up call. The team has played a very difficult schedule the past month and a half, but their level of play has been so poor that they would not likely beat the Devil Rays and Brewers. The god-awful Tigers, in fact, played the Yankees tough a couple of weeks ago, nearly winning the three game series. Getting no-hit by the Astros was a humiliation of the highest order, in front of their home crowd, on a nationally televised game. I won't say that it necessarily took effect yesterday, after all, they did put up a mediocre offensive effort early against an inferior starting pitcher, but they didn't give in, and came away with the victory and the series. Hopefully Wednesday's humilation will stay with them all season, and remain as a motivation to try their hardest in every contest to come, so that it never happens again.

Well, the library is closing now, so I have to finish, even though I had more to say. Hopefully Roger Clemens will finally win tonight, and I'll be able to get online and talk about it.