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June 21, 2003

by Larry Mahnken

I hate rain. If snow is what evil looks like...rain is what evil looks like when it's melted. Today's game was rained out, but it wasn't all bad. First of all, we got to see some of the best game this season, as Philadelphia came back to beat the Red Sox 6-5 after trailing 5-3 in bottom of the 13th. It was kind of like Game 6 of the '86 series, only not nearly as cool.

But the really cool thing is that because of the rainout, we get to see another home and home doubleheader next Saturday. Unfortunately, my cousin's graduation party is that day, so I only get to see the second game. Also, doubleheaders always have seemed tougher to win than two seperate games to me, although this game wasn't really an assured win anyway. Moose didn't have his best stuff, and had allowed a few hard hit balls just before the tarp came out. I'm sure Soriano's not too happy with the rainout, either, as it cost him three hits, although, since I have $30 riding on his failure, I'm thrilled about it.