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May 20, 2003

by Larry Mahnken

Yahoo! Sports - Yankees RHP Karsay to undergo shoulder surgery
"It's possible he'll be back this year," Cashman said. "But it's premature to say until he has the surgery tomorrow. If everything goes perfect, it is conceivable to have him back some time in September. I wouldn't give up hope on that, but more likely it's next year."
Oh, fuck. The Yankees need to go out an get a quality arm, and they're probably going to have to pay a premium for him.

Ken Rosenthal threw out a few names in his column the other day:
Trade possibilities include Jason Grimsley (Royals), Kelvim Escobar (Blue Jays), Buddy Groom (Orioles), David Weathers (Mets), Ugueth Urbina (Rangers) and the Marlins' Braden Looper and Armando Almanza.
Taking a look at Michael Wolverton's Reliever ratings so far this season, David Weathers and Armando Almanza seem like the best options of the group--which probably means that they'll trade for Escobar or Urbina.

The Yankees are rated the 10th worst bullpen in baseball by Wolverton's rankings, though if you take out Juan Acevedo, they're in the top half. The Yankees don't need to have a great bullpen, they just need a decent bullpen, one that you can turn to in a close game and still feel you have a good shot to win. With the strength of their offense and rotation, that should be enough. And for that, they need at least two more decent pitchers. Hopefully Contreras can turn into one, and Hitchcock has looked like one so far. Adding a good arm can only help, as long as Torre doesn't keep giving the ball to Acevedo.

Last night...yeah, sorry I didn't write after the game. I had to go see about a girl. But last night was a relief, they finally put some runs on the board against a decent pitcher, something they haven't done in a couple of weeks (unless you count Sele, who they've always hit anyway). But I don't think they're out of their slump yet, and I think they'll lost tonight, or at least not put more than 2 runs on the board. It is Pedro...

Soriano walked twice last night, although they weren't really that tough to draw. Lately it seems he's gone back to his free swinging ways as he's trying to get out of a slump. Hopefully he'll regain some of that discipline he showed in the first month when he starts hitting again.