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May 16, 2003

by Larry Mahnken

Yahoo! Sports - Johnson out four-to-six weeks with injured hand

This is bad. This is very, very bad.

The Yankees have just lost perhaps their best hitter so far this season for at least a month, and that being a month where they will be facing some exceptionally good competition. This could be huge. I don't really see how they're going to fill this hole. Zeile has been acceptable so far this season, as has Trammell, but I don't know how much I trust them to step into the DH slot for the next month. It also severely cuts into their shallow bench, and hurts their defense.

But they were able to survive losing Jeter for a month and a half, so perhaps they can get past this. Jeter has been hot, and I think Giambi will break out of his slump soon. Boy, I hope they get past this.

Particularly worrying is that Johnson is suffering another hand injury. He's suffered several such injuries in his young career, establishing a disturbing pattern. Hopefully he'll come back healthy and get back in the groove quickly, but with two series coming up against Boston, this is bad.