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May 26, 2003

by Larry Mahnken

What happened? How does a team go from one of the best starts to...this???

You've got your major injuries. You've got your slumps. You've got a tough schedule, and you've got bad luck. A crappy bench and bullpen don't help, either. But, it's most likely that this is not an indication that the Yankees are done. To believe that (and yes, I was being sarcastic the other day), you have to believe that Giambi is a .200 hitter, Matsui hit 50 HRs in Japan by being a ground ball hitter, and that something will keep Johnson and Williams out well past the All-Star break. This team can overcome this. They have to overcome this.

I think that one of the key players over the next month is going to be Juan Rivera. I think he's going to be an excellent player someday, but the Yankees need him to be good now. They can't afford to have another out in this lineup, with Zeile playing pretty much every day in one way or another, and Flaherty spelling Posada every now and then.

Gnahr. I'm so frustrated right now, I can't really write. Damnit, they'd better start winning some games.