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May 21, 2003

by Larry Mahnken

Seriously, if the Yankees don't get help in their bullpen soon, they're going to keep losing games like this. This group starts fires easier than Charlene McGee. Basically, the Yankees have a team that needs its starter to go seven innings and leave with at least a three run lead, otherwise, they'll probably blow it before they can get Rivera in the game.

Almost anyone would be an improvement over the motley bunch they have in there. There's plenty of underappreciated relief pitchers out there waiting to be snatched up at a cheap price. Instead, the Yankees go out and overpay an okay middle reliever like Chris Hammond to be a LOOGY, something he's not, and stick with Juan Acevedo (10th worst reliever in MLB according to Wolverton) and send Reyes (4th best reliever on the team) to the minors. Urbina would be overpriced, but still an improvement, and the Yankees can afford it. What they can't afford to do is let this fantastically talented team fail in the postseason because they have crap in the one key role where you don't need to spend money to get quality.

I admit it, I'm the most pessimistic Yankees fan in the world. But I've found that when you're pessimistic, you're less likely to be dissapointed by failure, and more likely to get joy from success. And anyone who has ever seen me watch the Yankees knows that I really need to get less dissapointed by failure. I'm very emotional.

Rocket goes for 299 next against Tim Wakefield. Unless Rocket works efficiently, I can see this game getting ugly again. The Yankees better hope that Wakefield's knuckler ain't dancin', because they're going to need to score some runs.

Thanks to Jay Jaffe and Alex Belth for linking to my blog. It's nice to see that someone other than Rob Moses (who I have two of the Soriano wagers with) has noticed the Soriano watch, and that people whose writing and insight I've admired have read my blog. On the other hand, it puts pressure on me to start writing something decent. ;-) Maybe that's a good thing...