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May 22, 2003

by Larry Mahnken

Bernie Williams goes on DL

There are no swear words strong enough to convey my frustration about what has happened to the Yankees in the past week. Johnson out a month and a half, Karsay out all year, and now Bernie is out until the All-Star break. Juan Rivera will get a shot to show his stuff in left, so they're not stuck with Charles Gipson in the lineup, but this is really really bad.

The Yankees haven't really had a season of injuries like this in years. They've lost key players for a long time, but never so many at the same time.

Looking forward, the schedule until Bernie and Nick are both back alternates between easy and rough. They play Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Baltimore, the Mets and Detroit, but they also play St. Louis, Houston, the Cubs and the Red Sox six times. With good luck, they'll both be back in time for the second Boston series in that stretch. The schedule until the break isn't tough enough to kill their season, but they also might miss their shot to pad their record with these injuries.

Yes, friends, I am the most pessimistic Yankees fan in the world.