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November 10, 2006

ESPN: Tigers deal three pitchers to Yankees for Sheffield
by Fabian

First reaction: good deal. More analysis/thought to come.


Now that I've had some time to digest the deal, I still think it is a good one for the Yankees. Sheff had little use on the team as there was not a spot for him in the OF and he didn't seem overly enthused to returning to 1B. At that point the Yankees could have let him go for draft picks or exercise his option and traded him. The question then becomes whether you think what they did gives them equivalent value to what their potential draft picks may have been. We don't know which slot the Yankees would have gotten or what the EXACT nature of this draft is, but we do know that the Yankees picked up one guy for AAA, one for AA, and one for A+. That eliminates some of the risk in draft picks, as these guys are some way along the developmental line. The key to the deal is, of course, Humberto Sanchez who has mid-rotation potential, but needs to keep his weight under control in addition to staying healthy. You could say he's somewhat of a poor man's Joba the Hutt.

I like what the Yankees did in this deal as it provides them with depth for the starting rotation, in Sanchez who will start the year at AAA, as well as giving them more bullpen fodder for a guy who didn't really figure to be of much use to them in the coming year. The reason it's not a great deal is because these guys DO come with questions.