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November 13, 2006

by Fabian

It appears all but certain that the Red Sox have won the Matsuzaka posting. On the one hand, I'm disappointed the Yanks weren't able to pick him up, on the other hand I think that's an excessive amount of money to be spending just to be able to negotiate with someone so overall I don't feel too terrible. The Red Sox rotation is now potentially an excellent one, but that's assuming Daisuke adapts to the AL smoothly and Josh Beckett rebounds. As I said previously, I now hope to see the Yankees pursue Barry Zito. Something around 4 years 50 million, if possible, would be fitting, but it's almost a certainty that Zito will be seeking/receiving more than that so next year's rotation at the moment is very much up in the air.

UPDATE: No player on Earth is worth 51.1 million to negotiate with unless he's then going to sign for 10 million and 10 years.