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November 17, 2006

Awards and Stuff
by Fabian

-Chien Ming-Wang finished second in the AL Cy Young voting and Robinson Cano won the AL Silver Slugger for 2B a year after finishing 2nd in the AL RotY race. If these are the guys the farm can produce when it's terrible, the rest of baseball must be terrified of what will come now that the system is on the up and up. I kid, I kid...sort of.

-The MVP is up next and I really, really, really hope Jeter wins, but with everyone and Johan Santana campaigning for the wrong Twin, I'm uneasy about the outcome.

-Baseball America recently posted their Top 20 AFL prospects; Brett Gardner barely made the list at 19th. The Hawaiian Winter Baseball Top 15 was a different story as there were 3 Yankee pitchers in the Top 10. Joba Chamberlain was 1st, Jeff Marquez 4th, and Ian Kennedy 8th. Chamberlain being 1st was kind of expected at this point given the amount of outstanding reviews he's been getting, but I'm glad Marquez ranked as high as he did because he is a favorite of mine and I thought the ugly ERA would cause him to be overlooked.

-After much internal strife, I've decided against ranking Jesus Montero because all I have on him are scouting reports. With the other prospects I am ranking/have ranked there's usually a decent amount of statistical data or I've seen them play or some combination of the two.

-MiLB with their season review for the Yankees.

-Best Buy is stupid. I lined up on Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 PM prepared to wait the 40 or so hours and get my PS3 as I knew they had 26 and I was second in line. Unfortunately, Best Buy decided to have mall security send me, and the 9 other people in line, home 3 hours later. They said they would not allow any lining up until 9PM Thursday night. We asked them why; they said they did not want the line to interfere with customers during the day Thursday. We alerted them to the fact that by creating this 9 PM start time they are only going to worsen the problem with a bottleneck. They did not listen. I arrived at Best Buy at 2PM on Thursday to scope out the situation only to find a bunch of people randomly standing around the grassy area across the parking lot. I returned to Best Buy at 6:30PM to find the group of people, now about 50 strong, standing by the yellow traffic division line 30 feet from Best Buy. By 6:50PM about 40 people, myself included, were standing in a reasonable facsimile of a line by the point where the line was supposed to start at 9PM. I was 14th. The rest of the mass had gone to the opposite entrance hoping to convince Best Buy officials theirs was the official start point. Around 8PM Best Buy workers come out to tell the crowd, which was now about 130 strong, that they did not know how they were going to handle this and that they would have a solution in 5-15 minutes. A Best Buy worker did not return until 9:03PM at which point he said the people who were in line, my group, would be the official leaders of the line. Predictably, everyone outside the line began to shove their way into the line. Mall security and state police officer (singular) were absolutely worthless in ceasing the carnage. After conferencing, the Best Buy workers decided that it would be best to have everyone (250 people at this point) write their name on a piece of paper, put it in a bowl and pick 26 names that can return Friday morning at 8 AM to pick up their PS3s. I did not get a PS3. I called Best Buy this morning and they said their policy in regards to the Wii would be that customers could line up 24 hours in advance, rather than 12. I think I know where I will be at 8AM tomorrow morning.