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September 22, 2006

The 2006 RLYW Minor League Awards
by Fabian

SG reflected on the ’06 major league regular season, so please be sure to check that out below. Now, onto the ’06 RLYW minor league award winners (the numbers for hitters are BA/OBP/SLG and for pitchers they are ERA/K9/BB9/H9/HR9):

2006 Yankee Prospect All Star Team:

C: Jose Gil, 19, A-/SS .229/.310/.291

1B: Cody Ehlers, 24, A+ .298/.375/.487

2B: Wilmer Pino, 20, SS .326/.363/.410

3B: Marcos Vechionacci, 19, A+/A- .235/.327/.346

SS: Reegie Corona, 19, A-/A+ .293/.347/.369

OF: Brett Gardner, 22, A+/AA .298/.395/.370

OF: Jose Tabata, 17, A- .298/.377/.420

OF: Colin Curtis, 21, GCL/SS .311/.374/.437

LHP: Angel Reyes, 19, GCL/SS 1.40/8.5/2.8/5.2/0.1

RHP: Phil Hughes, 20, A+/AA 2.16/10.4/2.1/5.7/0.3

Breakout Prospect: Cody Ehlers

Comeback Prospect: Chase Wright

Hitting Prospect: Jose Tabata

Pitching Prospect: Phil Hughes

As previously stated, the minimum qualifications include 60 IP for a pitcher or 180 PA for a hitter; otherwise Francisco Cervelli would have probably taken the catcher slot, though I like Jose Gil more from what I’ve seen. Overall, I would say the hitting aspect of this looks better than last year’s list, but the Yankee farm system is still lopsided as there are innumerable RHP worth prospect consideration with 1 legit LHP, who somehow got left off the GCL Top 20, and 1 stud hitter. Given that the Yankees picked up a lot of position players during the international FA period, it seems they are trying to rectify this issue. So, who did I miss the boat on? For comparison’s sake, check out Mike’s year end minor league awards.