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January 9, 2006

Wait Till Next Year Top 75
by Fabian

Bryan Smith has begun his annual Top 75 Prospects list. In the linked post he's handing out honorable mentions. Our very own Christian Garcia gets a nod. Smith acknowledges that the nod was given Garcia over the likes of J.B. Cox, C.J. Henry, Tyler Clippard, and Jose Tabata. I'm not sure I like Garcia as much, but after 1-2 in the Yankee system it's hard to come up with a stringent ordering. Garcia making the list at this point also means that Duncan should factor somewhere around the back end of the 75 and Hughes could either be really high, if not much weight is given to his injury concerns, or around the middle.

1/10: 75-51 has been posted. Eric Duncan makes the list at 57. Bryan projects Eric's prime years as .270/.350/.500. The first thing that jumps out at me is that I think he's underselling Duncan's patience. To this point of his career, Duncan has posted OBP-Slug. numbers of .070, .040, .112, .091, and .091 from the GCL all the way to the EL.