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December 2, 2005

Flashes in the can.
by sj

As you all have read, Tom "Flash" Gordon has signed with the Phillies. While I am sad that Tom has gone, I am glad the Yankees did not sign him for that money. 18 million for his age 38, 39 & 40 seasons, no thank you, that is Jaret Wright money! Meanwhile, in other flash news, John, "The Other Flash"Flaherty may haver retired. Cashman obviously made replacing his 165/202/252 line his #2 priority of the offseason. The Cash man wasted no time, snatching up the coveted one time MVP and certain hall of famer Kelly Stinnett to a 1 year, 500k deal.

Thank God we have replaced Fhash the Lesser's production, but how are we to replace Flash the Greater? Who will inherit Mike Mussina's baserunners and let them score? Farnsworth hasn't signed yet, reports are Texas is making a strong run at him. Will it be Sturtze? Bean? Baez? Mike Myers?

Meanwhile, centerfield sits vacant.