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June 19, 2005

Stand up, stand up and shout...
by Sean McNally

The Yankees needed to get this homestand off to a good start, but this has probably exceeded most people's expectations.

Five games is a short period in the course of a baseball season, but the Yanks and their fans certainly have enjoyed this past week, particularly off of the miserable Flyover Tour.

Just a quick post to keep the hoodoo going, and because I only watched bits and pieces of the game (Saturday afternoons are great for going to games, not necessarily for watching them on TV).

Captain Fantastic finally got the grand slam monkey off his back, which means no more looking at that stupid graphic about number of at-bats without one ever again.

Tiger Wang was impressive, giving the Bombers eight innings and the chance to recharge their bullpen, which Average Carl helped to gas the night before. Unless the Fox gun is as suspect as the YES gun, Wang was consistently between 92-95 with his fastball, something that all previous reports had said he could no longer do in his post-surgery phase of his career.

Wang’s emergence is a good thing, since "Three-Inning" Brown is now "15-Day-DL" Brown. Someone in the Yankee front office must read this blog (*dreamer*) because they’ve recalled Sean Henn from Columbus to take another shot at starting. If Henn is good, that might put the Yanks in the enviable position of having two chits to trade in the next six weeks.

Today, Mussina comes up against Sergio Mitre and his mediocre K-rate. If Good Moose shows up, it could be another sunny and pleasant day in the Bronx.