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May 20, 2005

Subway Series: An Official Preview
by sj

When I was a young child my parents took me to one of those Mayor’s games at Shea, an exhibition, where the scrubs for the Mets and the Yanks play each other the day before the season begins. I looked at my dad and asked him why this game didn’t count, and if they ever would. “The Mets aren’t in the Yankees league,” he said, “Does the Notre Dame football team play junior colleges? Do the Lakers play UCLA?”

The answer, of course, is no. However, Bud Selig and the owners have set up a system where the touring AAAA squads host and visit their American League superiors. This is a shame. Yet it is a big deal in New York, so we will preview it.

I shall do one of those famous, lazy position by position breakdowns.

Catcher: Mike Piazza vs. Jorge Posada

These catchers were once great, and a person could argue that Piazza was the greatest catcher of all time. That person would be wrong, but you could argue that. Posada is not as good as he was a few years ago, but he is less crappy than Piazza is now.

Advantage: Yankees

First Base: Doug Something vs. Tino Martinez

Tino is cooling off from his amazing Dale Longesque run of homers. That Doug guy isn’t very good, but he has a pretty hot wife. So, he is good to have around the luncheon/charity golf circuit. Doug has the advantage with the glove. Tino with the bat.

Advantage: Yankees

Second Base: Kaz Matsui vs. Robinson Cano

From Baseball America’s top 100 prospect report, 2004.

7. Kazuo Matsui ss, Mets

Won't be the 30-30 guy he was in Japan, but should be one of the best shortstops in the National League.


Advantage: Yankees

SS Jose Reyes vs. Derek Jeter.

This is getting tiresome.

Advantage: Yankees

Third Base: David Wright vs. Alex Rodriguez

One day, this match up will be an advantage for the Mets, but that day is later rather than sooner.

Advantage: Yankees

Left Field: Cliff Floyd vs. I don’t even want to type the name

Cliff Floyd has 11 homers? He better get on the DL soon, because he is going to miss his annual July golfing vacation with Ken Griffey Jr., Nomar Garciaparra and Kerry Wood. I heard this year they are going to Whistling Straits. That course should be gorgeous in late July.

Advantage: Mets

Center Field: Carlos Beltran vs. Hideki Matsui

Beltran is a very good player, as is Godzilla. Beltran is just a different level of good. (Is anyone else worried about Matsui's pitch selection? He seems to be swinging at shitty pitches lately)

Advantage: Mets

Right Field: Mike Cameron vs. Gary Sheffield

Cameron is a nice player, but he isn’t in Sheffield’s class. Cameron has yet to strike a fan, though, so he has that going for him.

Advantage: Yankees

Starting Pitching

Victor Zambrano vs. Kevin Brown.

These guys both stink, the difference of course, is Brown was once great. Zambrano seems to hit Jeter every time he pitches against the Yankees, so Mets fans will have something to cheer for. Zambrano’s WHIP is 1.82!

Advantage: Yankees

Kris Benson vs. Randy Johnson

I don’t get it, she isn’t really worth the hype, in my opinion. Take away Benson’s wife, and he is just another run of the mill pitcher. Take away Johnson’s wife, and he is a Hall of Famer.

Advantage: Yankees

Pedro Martinez vs. Carl Pavano

Pavano is yet another Yankee National League convert. He pitched wonderfully in his last outing. He may get bounce from being back in his natural AAAA habitat. Pedro, even a slightly injured Pedro, is still one of the greatest pitchers in the world. I will be interested to see who he chooses to hit when the Yankees score a couple runs on him Sunday night. I am putting money on Matsui.

Advantage: Mets

Relief Pitching

I don't even know who the Mets have (Do they really have someone named Koo?) in their pen. But that doesn't matter, because the Yankees have the new, reborn Tanyon Sturtze. That guy is filthy. He is the David Mamet script of relief pitching: exciting, dramatic, and filthier than anything you have ever seen.

I am a believer.

Advantage: Yankees

Prediction: Yanks win the series 3-0.