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April 29, 2005

Minor League Notes: 4/28/05
by Fabian

Note: Park Factors are courtesy of Baseball Prospectus 2005 and “they are actually adjustments for teams, based on their own mix of home and road parks…relative to the league”. Numbers in parentheses are hitters’ totals in the respective category at this point of the season and counted across levels. A pitcher’s line consists of IP-H-R-ER-BB-SO-HR.

AAA Columbus (International League):
Park Factor:

A 1 for 5 with a strikeout (12) night continued Robinson Cano’s slide. After opening the season as an unstoppable force, Cano is now experiencing his first rough patch; 9 for his last 31. One thing to keep in mind about yesterday’s performance though was that he faced LHP in 3 of his 5 at bats and was 0 for 3 with a strikeout against southpaws, while going 1 for 2 against RHP.

AA Trenton (Eastern League):
Park Factor:

Melky Cabrera broke out of his recent slide in a huge way and Eric Duncan continued his hot hitting in yesterday’s Trenton slugfest. The two would combine for 8 of the team’s 12 hits as Duncan was 3 for 6 with a home run (2) and Melky was 5 for 6 with a double (2), a home run (2), a strikeout (11), and a stolen base (2). After starting the season off ice cold as far as hits, but walking a good amount, Duncan has ceased with the walking and proceeding with the hitting and is now 10 for his last 25, enough to get his season average up to .241. Prior to yesterday’s game, Melky’s average had actually been some .030 points behind Duncan, but he jumped over to him and is up to .253, which hopefully is just a short stop as he heads towards his customary .300.

While Melky and Eric were putting the ball in play with terrific results, Bronson Sardinha was left with a no contact night. The RF finished the game 0 for 4 with 2 walks (7) and 4 strikeouts (22) and what was once a decent start, especially in comparison to the rest of Prospects Row, is now a poor one.

A+ Tampa (Florida State League):
Park Factor:

Hector Made and Erold Andrus both pulled their averages’ to the .250 mark with 2 hit performances last night. Made was 2 for 4 with a strikeout (12) and Andrus was 2 for 4 with a home run (2). While both hitters have BA of .250, Andrus’ has displayed more power and patience thus far and as a result his OPS is .104 points higher. Rudy Guillen also picked up a hit, but overall was only 1 for 4. More so than any other Yankee affiliate, I’m scared when hitters go to Tampa and pretty much hold my breath as far as their prospect status.

Abel Gomez picked up the win for Tampa by going 5.1-4-3-3-2-4-0. Once again, he tired in his last inning as he seems to be working through some of the rust as he would give up 2 walks, a double, and 2 runs (1 was an inherited runner scoring) in his final 1.1 innings. He should be back to racking up big K totals soon enough though, now all that is needed is for Eric Abreu to show up…

A- Charleston (South Atlantic League):
Park Factor:

Tim Battle was 1 for 5 with a triple (2) and a strikeout from the leadoff spot in last night’s Charleston loss. Battle now has 9 XBH in 86 at bats and is really showing off his power, something that some had questioned based on his minor league work up to this point. It’d still be nice if he could get the BA up some though.

Irwil Rojas continues to cool off offensively; he was 0 for 5 with a strikeout (7) and continues to play questionable, at best, defense. Yesterday’s game saw Rojas give up 2 more passed ball to bring his total to 8, which incidentally is 2 more than the amount of walks that he has thus far. There’s pretty much no way that could ever be anything other than bad, so if he could rectify this issue, that’d be grrrrrreat.

Estee Harris continued to frustrate with a 1 for 5 night, but at the least he did not strike out and Jon Poterson…was not good. The much heralded, by some, RF was 0 for 4 with a walk (4) and 2 strikeouts (20), so at the least he’s managed to really improve his BB:K numbers lately. Unfortunately, his AVG, OBP, and SLUG are all still on the interstate.

Brett Smith had his second straight hittable start, but this time around the hits were hard and he was not able to post the K numbers to counteract this. As a result, his final line was an ugly 5-10-6-5-1-3-0 and after looking so good early on that some were seriously contemplating whether or not he should be promoted, Smith has come back to Earth. His seasonal line of 23-24-10-9-5-23-0 is more in line with what I would have expected this year, and still pretty decent in its own right.