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April 27, 2005

Minor League Notes: 4/26/05
by Fabian

Note: Park Factors are courtesy of Baseball Prospectus 2005 and “they are actually adjustments for teams, based on their own mix of home and road parks…relative to the league”. Numbers in parentheses are hitters’ totals in the respective category at this point of the season and counted across levels. A pitcher’s line consists of IP-H-R-ER-BB-SO-HR.

AAA Columbus (International League):
Park Factor:

Robinson Cano was 1 for 5 with 2 strikeouts (11) as he continues to drift back to Earth following his customary hot start. Though Cano has definitely slowed, he is still 6 for his last 20, which is a stretch many hitters, I can think of quite a few Yankee prospects right away, would take.

AA Trenton (Eastern League):
Park Factor:

The Trenton Thunder were shut out, which generally means poor nights all around for Prospects Row. Of the trio, Eric Duncan had the best offensive game by going 1 for 4, which is good enough to raise his average a bit and at this point, any thing that can be done to push his numbers towards respectability will be accepted without complaint. Unfortunately, Duncan had a bad game on defense as he committed 2 throwing errors to bring his season total to 6 overall miscues. Once again, for those ready to permanently move him from the hot corner, he made 12 errors in his first 21 games last year.

Bronson Sardinha was next up in terms of productivity as he was 1 for 4 with a strikeout (18), and Melky Cabrera, in what is becoming an alarming trend, had the least productive night by going 0 for 4 with a strikeout (10). Throwing in the whole never walking any more thing with the hitting slump so far, Cabrera has been one of the weaker links in a weak Trenton lineup.

A+ Tampa (Florida State League):
Park Factor:


A- Charleston (South Atlantic League):
Park Factor:

Phil Hughes came back from missing time with a fingernail injury and had the type of start I expect out of a highly touted HS pitcher. Hughes’ final line was 5-2-0-0-2-8-0 as he lowered his ERA to 1.40. The only “complaint” I have in relation to this is that despite having issued just 6 walks in 19.1 innings and consistently being around the strike zone with his pitches, I expected Hughes’ control to be better. While I never came close to believing he could achieve his personal goal and stay within the single digits for walks on the season, I thought he would have a better walk rate than Tyler Clippard did last year and that does not look like it will happen at this point.

Tim Battle was 0 for 4 with a strikeout on this night, but did manage to reach base on an error by the 3B during his 2nd at bat. Once he got on base, he did as he has been wont to do and stole 2nd (11). As I have said previously, Battle is very raw on the base paths, but still manages to make up for it with truly outstanding speed. Irwil Rojas was 1 for 4 with another strikeout (5), as he seems to be regressing to the realm of good contact hitters. His defense behind the plate continues to be an issue as well as he allowed 2 SBs and another passed ball (6). Estee Harris had a good day at the plate as he would go 2 for 4 with a home run (2) to pull his average up to .176 and is now 5 for his last 14 with 2 doubles and a home run; his hottest stretch of the season. Lastly, Jon Poterson was 1 for 4 with a single as he has recently put together his own hot…more like mild, streak.