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April 5, 2005

Jeter, Jeter, Red Sox Beater
by Fabian

There are many in the statistical community who doubt Derek Jeter. They feel he is hugely overrated by the average fan and not nearly worth his paycheck. These are the same people who will tell you that clutch does not exist. Well, on this day, Derek Jeter once again demonstrated what clutch is.

For many fans, seeing your star closer, who happens to be one of the best of all time, give up the lead in the top of the 9th may be damning. They may be overcome with grief or worry, but such was not the case for any true Yankee fan on this day. Noted Jeter Fan, (in fact, his number 1 such follower by many accounts) Will, put it best, “I get out of my final, see Tek, and then I say, ‘that’s ok, this just lets Jeter hit a walk-off’”. Will was not the only person watching the game knowing that Jeter held all the cards. Dingbat Charlie, sitting in front of his computer and “watching” the game via Gameday knew what was about to happen as he “called Jeter’s homer [,] to himself”. Even lacking confirmation of Jeter’s calm eyes, Dingbat Charlie knew it was only a matter of moments before Jeter would snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

While Jeter winning the game was no-doubt huge, it was surely expected. Perhaps more telling was the choke job by the other team’s Captain; a man who feels the need to parade around his Captain-ness while our guy remains one of the guys. Had the other team’s Captain had the clutch sense of Jeter, rest assured he would have gotten Damon’s ball to leave the park, but he did not. He seems overwhelmed with his status as Captain and even if he gets comfortable, there can only be one Clutch God. That Clutch God mans SS for the New York Yankees.