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March 22, 2005

by Fabian

SG's Season Simulations

Hector Made, 20, SS

For those who own Baseball America’s 2004 Prospect Handbook they may recall Made being named as THE sleeper prospect of the Yankee organization. At the time, I did not know what to make of Made. I felt he had displayed solid secondary skills in his ’03 GCL stint, but I doubted his ability to hit for average and did not think the Yankees would send him to full season ball to begin the year. I felt the lanky SS with supposedly solid all around tools would most likely repeat in the GCL or play in the NYPL to moderate success.

When opening day rolled around and Made was the starting SS for the Battle Creek Yankees I was pleasantly surprised. I was even more surprised as the early portions of the season went along and I began to form an opinion of Made. He was as unsteady in the field as I expected, making a spectacular play one inning and botching a routine one the next, and he was hitting for a low average, another thing I suspected. However, I was disappointed to notice an apparent loss of the power that he displayed in the GCL and no signs of the plate patience or discipline he had formerly exhibited. Despite this, Made was allowed to troop on as an unproductive member of a solid team. With the demotion of Estee Harris and promotions of Melky Cabrera and Eric Duncan from the club, his offensive shortcomings became even more noticeable. Finally, in the second half of the season, things clicked.

From July 1st to the end of the MWL season, a span of 242 ABs, Made hit .331 with a 19 walk to 23 strikeout ratio, both excellent numbers, however, the power was still mediocre as he only hit 14 doubles, 1 triple, and 2 home runs. Aside from the consistent lack of power, as compared to ’03, I am encouraged by Made’s year, mainly due to how he finished. Hopefully, Made’s second half was a result of his development as a player and he will begin to harness his physical talents.

That said, I would not expect much out of Made this year. If he can maintain his strike zone patience and discipline from the second half of ’04, he might be able to do decent, but his recently mediocre power will not be helped at all by Tampa and the FSL. I would be very encouraged by final numbers similar to ’04, .289/.336/.381, but am expecting less. The expectations are low enough that Made could end up surprising and moving up the list, but I doubt that it could be enough for me to truly get excited about him, especially considering that he is a SS prospect in an organization with SS/3B covered by a plethora of superior players ahead and behind him.

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